Posted on: 1 November 2016

Mulwarra supplies quality Wagyu beef with marble scores of up to 9+ (the highest recognised score in Australia) as individual loin cuts or full sets. All cattle are produced under an exclusive program with Security Foods in a controlled production system which allows full traceability from paddock to plate. Animals are sourced from selected farms in Victoria and New South Wales. After being reared on natural pastures, cattle are introduced onto balanced natural grain rations for at least 500 days to achieve optimal weights and marbling. From birth all cattle are handled, fed and treated according to strict animal welfare guidelines in a non-stress environment without any exposure to antibiotics or Hormone Growth Promotants. This ensures maximum tenderness and a fine textured beef with a unique flavour.

– Full product traceabilty from paddock to plate

– Hormone Growth Promotant free

– Japanese Agricultural Standards accredited